OBLOQ brief introduction

OBLOQ module is a medium that connects devices to internet.

To monitor or even control your lamp, audio or any other electrical equipment, you need at first connect them to the internet. OBLOQ must be an easy and powerful tool at your hand. It is easy to configure OBLOQ module. There is no need to program complicated codes. Only 15 minutes, these little electrical devices will get their lives via internet.

Tool list:

Combining all these together, devices will be able to exchange data via wifi.

obloq principle

Or you can say, OBLOQ module is something like a "network card".

This "network card" enable devices (which contains microcontroller) to push/pull data from internet.

It can be put in this way,

device + micro Controller = smart Device
smart Device + OBLOQ module = IoT Smart Device

All the data is transmited in the IoT website server (iot.dfrobot.com.cn). This website also gives a visualized graph of data which is further screened.

(addendum) OBLOQ module brief introduction

Function: Wireless connect devices to Internet. The device can get or post data from/to IoT website. After connected to Internet, Obloq will automatically upgrade when it detects the latest firmware. During normal operation, the LED on the Obloq is steady green. When it is upgrading, the LED is white. When the Obloq upgrading is completed, the LED turns from white to red. You need to restart the controller board so that the latest firmware of Obloq works.

Serial baud rate: 9600


Name Description
TX Sending end (serial port)
RX Receiving end (serial port)

Signal light:

Color State
Red Error
Blue Wifi Connecting
Green Normal
Purple Mqtt disconnected
White Obloq firmware is updating

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